Purpose Book Club Guide

We all know there’s strength in numbers. Especially when you’re embarking on something as BIG as the “pursuit of purpose,” having a group of allies to hold you accountable and support you when the going gets tough is essential. Not to mention how much more fun finding your purpose can be with some good company and the occasional cocktail.

While it has certainly been #trending lately, purpose has always been a hot topic amongst philosophers and authors (or “influencers” as we call them today). There are thousands upon thousands of books, articles, poems, and YouTube videos dedicated to purpose. As you can imagine, however, some are more valuable than others. So to help you cut through the noise, we curated a list of readings some of our favorite readings and put together the ultimate guide for you to kick start your purpose journey.

What’s included:

  • Tips for selecting your founding members
  • Email template for reaching out to founding members
  • Tools for streamlining book club planning and logistics
  • Recommended venues for hosting your book club
  • A list of 10 curated readings on purpose
  • Discussion prompts for each reading to guide the conversation
  • …and more