How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

So you’re ready for a change. Whether it be in your career, a relationship, or your money mentality, you’ve acknowledged that you want something MORE or simply something DIFFERENT.

The good news is that you’re one step ahead of most people, who continue to ignore that inner voice telling them something isn’t quite right. The bad news is that change is hard. And messy. After all, if it were easy, many more people would be living their best lives.

But imagine if you had the power to design your next step in life – a new job, a new relationship, a new money mentality – exactly the way you want it to be?

It would make change a little less intimidating, wouldn’t it? Well that’s exactly what manifestation allows you to do.

You may be wondering: what if I don’t know exactly what I want? Don’t worry. The results can be equally as powerful if you simply manifest how you want to feel after the change. It’s hard to imagine what exact job title would be the right fit, or what your ideal partner may look like; it’s a lot easier to imagine how you want to feel when you wake up on Monday morning on the first day at your dream job, or how you want to feel when you’re walking down the street hand in hand with the love of your life.

Ready to give it a shot?


Manifestation Exercise


First, I want you to think about the change you’re making. Why have you decided to make this change? Be very clear about your intention.

Next, think about the desired outcome. Where or who do you want to be as a result of this change?

Now close your eyes and try to picture your post-change self. It can help to picture yourself doing an activity that’s already part of your day-to-day routine: waking up in your bed, walking to work, or sitting at your favorite coffee shop. Imagine yourself in that moment, as if everything has gone exactly according to plan. If you want to make a career change, imagine you’ve landed your dream job with a great boss, amazing coworkers, inspiring work, and a beautiful office. If you want to create a new relationship with money, imagine you have no debt, a healthy bank account, and the confidence that this will continue forever. You get the gist.

Instead of focusing on the details, focus on how you would feel in that moment. Really let yourself believe it’s a reality and don’t open your eyes until there is no doubt in your mind that you will open them to find yourself transported to this new reality. 


There’s a fine line between desire and desperation, so try not to suffocate your manifestation. Instead, focus on it for a brief time every day and then let it go. Trust that the universe has your back. 

Now, get after it. Manifest your way to the life of your dreams!