How to Create a Vision Board and Achieve Your Dreams

Whether it’s hitting a particular professional goal or finding the ideal partner, it’s easy to spend your days daydreaming about the “perfect” future scenario. The hard part is finding the discipline to take the small, daily steps towards those dreams. In fact, Forbes recently reported on a survey that stated “Eighty-two percent of small business owners that used a vision board from the get-go reported that they have accomplished more than half the goals they included on that board.”

One powerful (and fun!) way of manifesting your goals in life is to create a vision board. Quite literally, a vision board is a board where you visualize what you want to have, be, or do in life. It creates a visual reminder of where you’re going, so you are inspired to take action and turn your dreams into reality sooner rather than later.

Here’s how to start creating your very own vision board…


Establish your intentions

This can be a little tricky to work through, so we created a FREE download with questions and values to help get you started. Before you begin, take a moment to clear the cobwebs of expectations other people might have put into your head that may cloud your thinking. The most important thing at this stage is not to self edit – just write down whatever comes to mind.

Get supplies

While this part isn’t 100% necessary, you will want to refer to your vision board often, so try to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. For your own sake.

If this is your first vision board, don’t be afraid to keep it simple: a plain poster board, your favorite colored pens, and a stack of magazines should do the trick!

Go to your happy place to create it

Find an environment where you won’t be distracted and can have a clear headspace. Since this is one project that actually doesn’t require wifi, try packing up your supplies and heading to a park, beach, or other outdoor location you love. Wherever you choose to create your vision board, make sure you are in a happy place where you feel comfortable tuning out the rest of the world and dreaming BIG.

Cut out your images and words

Now for the fun part… The great thing about this process is that anyone can do it. Even though the act of creating a vision board sounds very creative, it doesn’t require you to be an artist by any stretch of the imagination. The key is using existing images and other people’s art to visualize your goals.

Flip through the magazines, books or whatever else you brought with you and look for things that evoke the emotions you’ve attached to your values. Start arranging them on your poster board and once you feel like it represents the bigger picture you have in mind for yourself, attach the images to the board.

*Note: Your vision board isn’t permanent. Things change and that’s okay. The important thing is getting started and taking steps to visualize what you want out of your life. None of it will be perfect and that’s perfectly okay.

Hang it somewhere you can see it regularly

Once you’ve got a vision board that feels complete, hang it somewhere you will see it often! That way you can check in with your progress (and your excuses!). Make changes if you need to, but use your vision board as personal source of inspiration and daily dose of motivation to make purposeful decisions that move you towards the life you desire.

Have you ever created a vision board? How would you use one to manifest what you want?

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